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Confusion Solution is looking for one home in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio to serve as The Organized Home. Our goal is to demonstrate organizing possibilities in a real home environment and educate others about sources for purchasing organizing materials. 


This is a promotional opportunity to be used on our website, Chatters blog, articles, social media, and television advertising.

We are offering to organize your kitchen, bedroom closet, garage, or main living space at no cost to you. Should we purchase any organizing materials, they would also be donated to you, at no cost.

Because we care about your safety and security, nowhere will your address, name, or other location identifying marks be posted on any media platform. 

To enter your home for our review, please send a photo of your kitchen, bedroom closet, garage, or main living area to before April 30, 2023. If you need more information you may contact me at 606-547-9766.

Thank you,

Daryl Ashley

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